Utah's Ancient Red Sandstone Cliffs

Among America’s most beautiful western places are Utah’s ancient red sandstone cliffs astride narrow winding canyons, ever cutting downward through Utah’s plateaus by rivers leading eventually, to the sea.  And the National Parks herein boast of colorful desert vistas, with vermilion sunsets and cool blue shadows.  In these Parks we find the spectacular rocky structures of butte, spire, and bridge. 

Today, at risk are the loss of these and nearby lands to ruination by mining, exploitive corporations domestic and international, off-road vehicle industries.  Also the potential further misuse of natural areas by poaching and archeological-site thievery.

Preservation of Public Lands in their natural state requires work by the people, and the urgent need of upgrading care to these Lands by officially dedicated status of National Wilderness Areas.  Public wilderness areas not to be exploited and ruined for short economic gain for the few, but to continue to exist for future generations to study and enjoy.