Making a Difference for Public Land

Wallace Stegner, author and wilderness advocate, was quoted as saying that “the National Parks were the very best idea that America ever had.”  And I, Larry Iwerks, am in full agreement to that.

As Landscape Painters,  I/we look closely at the volcanic and layered rocks, the various plants, and animals, and clouds formations.  Searching, learning of the evolution of plants as Ice Ages came and went- of times all the way back to the dinosaurs.  We, seeing that just in the last 100 years in the West- all have witnessed unprecedented wrecking of the Land. 

At further risk today are the loss of ever more forest lands, the loss of drinking water to groundwater pollution,  ruination's on hillsides by exploitive mining corporations domestic, and international.  The ever powerful off-road vehicle industries.  Misuse of natural areas by poaching, and archeological-site thievery is also cause for concern.

We need further protections for our western Public Lands in their natural state through Park legislation, which requires vigilant care by the People.  The urgent need of upgrading these Lands to officially dedicated National Parks and designated Wilderness Areas- places not to be exploited and ruined for short economic gain, but to continue to exist for future generations to study and enjoy.

Through our community friendship, let us further celebrate and paint landscapes as we enter next year to become the 52nd anniversary of the “Wilderness Act of 1964”, an historic Act which initially set aside Santa Barbara's nearby San Rafael Wilderness as the very first protected area.

Today, call your nearby Sierra Club, or Wilderness group, and ask just how to help out on further American Land preservation's, and then call on the Congress and President to act.