Above and Beyond

The paintings, sculptures, and all of art history, for all of it’s foibles, ups and downs, was it not really just a gift for mankind? 

A medium for ideas is what a picture is, and here we can see through time our relationship ideas with nature; the trees and rivers and mountains and clouds.  Sometimes with reverence, and at times a view from a car window, removed.

Fortunate are we to realize that we could tie art with nature and use such- to create awareness to others not to despoil the original design of the Land.  For it is very difficult to restore a ruined place. So let us not first wreck it.

Art historians may wonder, are these contemporaries crafting the finest paintings of history?  I say potentially, Yes! For they form the bridge of understanding of the human mind to the lesser and greater things; leaves, river banks, wind patterns, color, texture, and a sense of care for place.

The paintings represent a time spent, sometimes in silence and even alone, like poetry bespeaking a personal and yet ultimately, communal reverence for the campfire talks going back into time.  Thank you friends for the opportunity together to paint, share lunch, and to be.

Through 50% sales events- the paintings actually help to purchase the Land area for preservation.  Arts' utting edge!